17 July – 15 August 2021

Opening on Saturday, 17 July at 3 p.m. in or at the Kunsthalle Lingen

The „Kunstwege in Lingen“ have been taking place since 1991. The opening of this year’s Kunstwege will take place on Saturday, 17 July 2021 at 3 p.m. in or at the Kunsthalle Lingen, as permitted by the current ordinance on the containment of the coronavirus. Until Sunday 15 August, artists will present their work to a wide audience in the windows of many shops in Lingen’s city centre. As before, an informative leaflet will provide information about the locations and the people exhibiting at each of them. Two years ago, fifty artists took part in this traditional exhibition in the public space of Lingen.

Throughout the year, Lingen’s entrepreneurs attract the attention of passers-by to their shops with originally decorated shop windows. For four weeks, the shop windows present their artistic side. The shop window is traditionally regarded as the most effective advertising medium in the specialised trade; by presenting works of art, it becomes a platform for artistically formulated content in correspondence with everyday objects.

Shopping has culture in Lingen, so that a shopping spree through the town, after hopefully weakening corona pandemic, becomes an experience of a special kind. Here, art is a free bonus that is hard to resist – for inspiration and admiration.

In the shop windows, special signs point to the respective presentation locations and reveal the location of artistic works to all citizens.

As in previous years, the Kunstwege are organised in cooperation with the LWT Lingen Wirtschaft + Toruismus and the Kunstverein Lingen. The Art Routes in Lingen have been an attractive addition to the general townscape since 1991. The many artistically enriched shop windows give the town centre the charm of an open gallery.