Weltenanschauungen (Worldviews)

The exhibition in the cabinet of the Kunsthalle Lingen with the title “Weltenanschauungen” will make the system theory of the Bielefeld sociologist Niklas Luhmann (1927 to 1998) haptically experienceable. The basic idea is to create a teaching exhibition on a high aesthetic level that brings the complex teachings of the social scientist closer. Niklas Luhmann’s core statements are, for example, “Social systems in principle distinguish themselves from their environment”, “The boundary of a system to the environment marks a complexity gap” or “Social systems are nothing but communication”.

The aim of this exhibition is to present these core statements in the interplay of three exemplary social systems of our world in exchange with each other: Art, business and science. The complexity gap is mediated, for example, by a wall between the various systems, which initially prevents an unhindered exchange. How communication can nevertheless take place, how much of it reaches the other person, and how this shapes the view of each other, can be experienced in the installation.

The task of the audience is to recognize Luhmann’s thoughts.
The concrete goal is to depict an increasingly complex world divided up by work as a kind of three-dimensional and walk-in Venn diagram in a room.

The curators Prof. Dr. Till Albert (Professor for Corporate Management, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Lingen) and Peter Lütje (Artist, Lingen) want to create an awareness for the fact that every human being delivers an effect to togetherness, even if not everyone can recognize this directly.