As a Member of the Kunstverein Lingen, you support contemporary art and get the opportunity to participate in events that complement the exhibition program of the Kunsthalle and the art school’s offer.

Membership in the Kunstverein Lingen offers the following advantages:

  • Free admission to the Kunsthalle Lingen and all 295 German art associations, which are members of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine (ADKV)
  • Written invitation to each exhibition in the Kunsthalle and the Kunstschule
  • 2 times a year receiving the program of the art school free house
  • Reduction on art catalogs and annual reports
  • Possibility to participate in the membership program
  • Reduction on art excursions, i.e. Day trips to the great museums of Germany and several-day trips to art centers, biennials, documenta etc.
  • Reduction for 4 concerts a year in the context of the “Young Virtuosos”
  • Written invitation to art excursions, concerts, lectures, film screenings, festivals, kitchen events, cultural breakfasts and opera tours
  • available in the Kunsthalle or the Kunstschule:

4 x Belser Kunstquartal, 12 x Kunstzeitung, 4 x

The Kunstverein Lingen offers the following possibilities for membership

Individual                     € 45 per year

For families                  € 60 per year

Reduced membership  € 12 per year
Schoolchildren, students, trainees

For companies on request

As a new member, you will receive a welcome gift.

You can also give away a membership, vouchers can be obtained in the Kunsthalle and the Kunstschule.

We will send you your application documents.