AltmannKunstMoneckeWake July 3rd – September 19th 2021

The title of the group exhibition mentions the surnames of four artists of one generation, who were not all born in Emsland, but lived and worked there to some extent. They are Beringer Altmann, Friedrich Kunst, Karl-Heinz (Charly) Monecke and Richard Wake. All were born in the 1930s and experienced especially the postwar years with the art movements Informel, Pop Art, Action and Happening and expressive painting and reflected in their work in each case in its own way. Beringer Altmann worked in the medium of painting, Friedrich Kunst created watercolors, drawings and sculptures, Karl-Heinz (Charly) Monecke mainly painted pictures and Richard Wake was known for his sculptures made of steel, iron or even aluminum, which he also presented in public spaces. Through the correspondence in the presentation of painting, graphic art and sculpture of the four artists, it becomes possible both to convey the formal language that characterizes each individual artist and their content from their respective time of creation and to compare them with each other. Precisely because the artists selected are people of a generation who have reacted to the art trends since the 1960s from the perspective of the periphery and who, although they studied in large cities, then worked primarily in a small town like Lingen (Ems), questions about a style appropriate to their time or also about a timelessness in the contents and in the respective formal language can be negotiated in the context of the exhibition. In this respect, both the respective characteristics of the persons Beringer Altmann, Friedrich Kunst, Karl-Heinz (Charly) Monecke and Richard Wake as well as their works of art are intensively conveyed and their different sources of inspiration and cultural backgrounds are discussed. Likewise, their impact beyond this region is critically reflected against the background of their significance for the cultural identity of a region. A catalog will be published to accompany the exhibition.

The exhibition and catalog are generously supported by the Lingener Bürgerstiftung. The catalog is generously supported by the Emsländische Landschaft für die Landkreise Emsland und Grafschaft Bentheim e.V..